Cases of thyroid cytological needle aspiration

Sergio Fiaccavento


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An indispensable condition for a high diagnostic accuracy is having excellent smears through correct preparation.This can be achieved through applying the right sampling procedure, correct method of smears and staining .Unless otherwise stated, the staining we have used in our cytological specimens, is hematoxylin and eosin.

Diagnostic conclusions include an adequate description of the overall cytological picture and must be expressed in a uniform language which allows for a proper communication with the clinical staff through the different reporting systems recommended.

Criteria for adeguacy in specimen must be specified


... It is however essential to investigate further the cytological diagnosis because there are problems which do not concern only the papillary neoplasm but, following by the SIAPEC-2014 Diagnostic categories, they concern especially Tir 1 and Tir 3.

The possibility of reducing diagnostic problems to a minimum depends not only on the correct set of cytological smears but also on the use of ancillary investigations


Issues related to report Tir 1


Issues related to follicular neoplasm


Issues related to papillary neoplasm